Camp Delight 2021:

Family Forever

Sunday, August 8th will follow our Rainy Day plan

Hey! Hey! Listen Up! Listen Up!

Hi Camper Families! Tomorrow's weather forecast includes rain showers with a chance of thundershowers. 🌦️🌧️⛈️ So we have decided to go with our rainy day schedule.

You all have the option to pick up your craft kit anytime between 10AM - 12PM. Lunch will be ready for pick up at 12PM at the location on your group's schedule.

Unfortunately, our grad camper ceremony will be limited to grad camper families only. 💛

Last Update: August 7th at 11:32PM

Please view the Retreat Schedule page and the Camp Information page for more details.


Welcome to Camp Delight 2021! Our theme this year is "Family Forever"! Camp Delight is a special kind of family, so we're very excited about this family reunion. We can't wait to see you all and meet some new faces!


Each day we will post to update you on whether events will follow the regular schedule, or if we'll have to go with our rainy day backup plan!

Please visit this page for updates and any event changes. We will always note the day and time of our last update.